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Welcome to Bespoke Entertainment, a collective with a wealth of experience creating tailor-made, exceptional quality music products, production materials and shows for the Entertainment and Cruise Ship Industries. 

We are a company of professional performers and creatives with over 15 years experience in the Entertainment, Theatre and Cruise Industry. With a history of working for various entertainment providers, theatre companies and venues across the UK and Internationally, we bring a depth of knowledge of how attention to detail in a variety of areas is important to create innovative and exciting experiences for clients and audiences alike.

Having worked on both long and short term contracts as performers, musicians and Musical Directors ourselves, we know how important it is that the performers and creatives who work with and for us are encouraged and supported to make sure the shows and products we provide are of excellent quality and delivered with that extra verve. As a new company bringing together experts in the field, we aim to be the company that performers want to work both with and for.



We offer a range of music and entertainment services, including:

  • Production Shows

  • Backing Tracks

  • Click Tracks

  • Orchestrations

  • Vocal Arranging

  • Charts

Microphone Sound Editing


Piano Keys


Find out more about who we are and our experience