Why don't you have a pricelist?

As no two products are exactly the same, so are our prices. Costs will vary for every product. We provide clearly broken down quotes for all requests, and charge based on the hours, manpower and detail needed for each job. Therefore, for simple, short projects we may be cheaper than others, but our emphasis is firmly on providing the highest quality work possible for your budget.

How does payment work?

We usually request payment, via bank transfer, once the work has been finalised and before delivery. However, we are aware of the effects of COVID on our industry, and may be able to put instalment plans in place for larger projects. 

If you wish to commission an entire show or programme of shows, we will require at least part payment up front in order to get started and hire the relevant creatives.

All projects are fully budgeted, quoted for and price agreed before the work starts.

How is my work delivered to me?

We use Dropbox for our work, and all working drafts will be uploaded to an individual folder just for your project. You can therefore track the progress of the work, and will be invited to 'sign off' on the work before final PDFs and / or audio files are created. You can then download and access your music at your leisure.

I'm in a hurry - how quickly can you get things done?

It really does depend on the amount of work needed! For example, a basic piano track we can turn around quickly and
usually within 24 hours - depending on how many other projects we have on! 

For bigger projects, especially ones where a number of different people will need to be involved, it is best to get in touch with as much lead time or notice as possible to ensure we can produce the best quality work for you. We have orchestrated a 45 minute show in a week before, but this requires plenty of overtime and has an impact on cost.

I can't see what I need listed on your site?

If it's to do with

creating music or an entertainment idea, we can definitely help with it! Our list of services is not exhaustive, we've simply tried to group things into popular categories of things people will need. If you're not sure whether we can help, just get in touch and we will reply to you quickly with what we can provide - and if by some chance we don't do what you need, we will happily point you in the right direction!

Have you got samples of work I can see or hear?

We have some samples on our demo page of:

- sheet music 

arrangements and orchestrations 

- backing tracks 

- vocal arrangements

We have put a selection of styles and products on this page that, to our minds, should give a clear indication of the quality of our work! However, if you would like specific examples of other styles before deciding to work with us, just let us know!

What is the difference between a click track and a backing track?

A backing track has all the requested instruments and backing vocals (if required) mixed into one file for you to use. A click track is a kind of track used for shows using one or more live musicians, but where you want to have the option of adding extra instruments to the not usually contained in a standard band to boost the sound. These tracks are then mixed for the live instrumentalists to play along to, with a tempo click and vocal 'count ins' recorded for them to hear on in-ear systems.

How do I book a consultation and how much does it cost?

Consultations are completely free of charge and can be done via Zoom, phone or email.Just get in touch via our contact page, let us know your preference for video call or otherwise, and we can book in a chat.

Consultations are completely obligation free, so get in touch. 

Don't see your query listed here? Just send us a quick message!