Need an entire show putting together? We are experienced in creating whole 45 minute, all singing, all dancing shows for resorts and cruises.


Starting with your concept and vision,

we can also deliver the casting, rehearsing and production of your show for a variety of venues and budgets.  As we create each show bespoke for the client, everything from the look of the show to the specific musical arrangements can be tailored to your requirements. 



Always wanted your own version of your favourite song? Have limited time and want to "mash-up" a selection of music? With our talented team of composers and arrangers, we are able to give you truly unique versions of your shows, individually catered for each client.


Whether it be as small as a solo piano accompaniment, to a string quartet, to a full band or orchestra, our skilled team can give you the full scores and individual parts ready for any selection of musicians at your disposal.

Tired of buying backing tracks, made with basic synth instruments, that you have to fit your performance to, rather than doing exactly what you want?Bespoke provides backing and / or click tracks, made to order, either from existing arrangements or specifically reimagined for you.


Everyday 'shelf bought' tracks are pre-made in bulk and often use a lot of basic sound samples making it sound "unreal". Not only do we use a wide variety of live  instruments, but we only use the best sampled sounds in our work. Say goodbye to clunky sounding tracks!


Backing Vocals are also a speciality of our company, providing excellent  live backing for everything from classical to rock and pop.





Don't need any tracks (or already have them!) but need some band parts for your show or your song? We've got you covered!

Need some sheet music transposing, transcribed or edited for a performance or audition? We do that too!


We transcribe from audio files and can tidy up existing parts. Our team have worked with everything from orchestra and big bands to string quartets and piano soloist and are well versed in giving you a personalised, accessible score, to whatever standard of player you require.




Are you looking for your own show to set apart from the others? Are you concerned about the sheer amount of paperwork needed to put on your cabaret, and you just want to get up and perform? Fret no longer!


We offer competitive rates for whole show packages (including tracks, scores and clicks) to give you peace of mind that you can walk into any venue and be ready to perform with little preparation.

Bespoke by name, bespoke by nature.




Confused about the all the various options and details about what you need in order to mount a show at whatever scale?


We offer personalised consultation and advice with our team and are able to create the product you require. If you require multiple shows or want to talk about long term aspirations creating work, we at Bespoke are there to make your productions as affordable as possible, and can offer discounts on orders of multiple products.